Welcome to the -SK- Suicide Kings (FPS) PC Gaming Clan !

What is your name? (First Name Only)

What is your birth date?

What is your Gender? (Male or Female)

What time-zone are you in?

How did you find us?

If a clan member referred you, please place their name here!

Toby's Question for all applicants: "Boxers or Briefs?"
He claims he's not gay!

How old were you when you lost your Virginity ? (Not Required to Answer)

Gaming History

This section is just to get an idea of how familiar you are with fps gaming, things like that. Do not worry if your answers aren't perfect or you can't answer a question here.
Have you been the member of a gaming clan or group recently?


What is it that you're looking to get out of your clan based gaming experience?
Please elaborate a bit, we use this question to give us an idea of how you'll fit in.
There isn't a wrong answer to the question.


This section will allow us to know what game you are joining on & plan on playing?
Type Yes next to each game below you plan on playing with the Suicide Kings.


On a scale of 0 to 10 what skill level do you believe you play at?

Value: 0
0 = Novice, 10 = Professional

The following section is an agreement between you and the administrators of this clan. This clan is very casual and there are no time requirements or restrictions but members who are gone for a long period of time without notification may be removed from the roster at the administrations discretion.

What is the main game title that you're interested in playing?
this doesn't mean that you can't play other games, but in order to keep the roster concise and organized you may only have one primary game which you can switch at any time.

Battlefield 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: modern Warfare 2

Do you have a working microphone/headset? *REQUIREMENT*

Will you be an active member of the clan - and website - and not wear other clan tags or misrepresent this group? *REQUIREMENT*

Inactive members are subject to removal after two weeks of inactivity without notice. Do you Understand ?

I understand that I will be accepted into the clan as a trial or 'recruit' for several weeks until it has become apparent that I either am, or am not, a good fit for the clan. I will be evaluated based upon my skill, personality and activity levels both on the game and website.

Approval takes up to 72 hours, once approved please add your new Tags as ^7-S^0K-___________ <---Your name goes there. Wear these tags 24/7, as other administrators will be monitoring the games you play through Steam. If your Clan tags are not on and your Colors do not reflect the requirements placed before you, you will be immediately banned.

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